Glamour Street Fashion Show

Nothing better that being invited on a Saturday evening to help decide who´s gonna be the next it girl in Spain.

Glamour Street Fashion Show

19:00 Designer David Delfin and his muse Bimba Bose hosted the event as in house DJ´S. They are so charismatic that their energy is contagious.

Glamour Street Fashion Show

20:00 El Pescao put on a great show on stage where the played some of their most famous songs like “Buscando el sol”

El Corte Ingles Glamour Street Fashion Show

20:30 An unexpected Mario Vaquerizo joins the party. His skills as a DJ are nowhere to be seen but he tooks over the microphone and gets everyone to laugh.

Mario Vaquerizo

21:00 Finally the show starts and 161 girls are on the catwalk showing off the latest trends. I am not sure which one is best.

El Corte Ingles glamour Street Fashion

22:00 Complicated delivering time that ends with 8 finalists. Just one will be the winner. Congrats Marina Arena!

Glamour Street Fashion Showa

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