Yoga at the Park

I have finally finded an english Yoga class which takes place at the Retiro Park in Madrid every Sunday morning. I think of it not only as a way of doing sports but also to get to know new people.



We begin the class warming up and then we move on to stretching. This part might seem easy, but you do need to concentrate in order to hold the pose correctly. Great thing is that you can feel how your mussels contract and relax while becoming more flexible.


Breathing in and out while trying all kind of different positions it´s not an easy task, but if you manage to get the hint of it, you will actually experience how easily your energy flows.


There is also time for meditation and relaxation. I find this part ideal to let go all of the week tensions. Being so close to mother earth recharges my batteries and gives me a good vibe.

I totally recommend that you try this out. Namastei!

For more information please contact Eliza Coolsma though her website:

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